to Do in Jackson Hole in the Fall

Things to Do in Jackson Hole in the Fall

If it were up to us, fall wouldn’t be called a shoulder season. It would be something a lot more integral, like a torso season. Or maybe if it were up to us we would skip the body parts altogether and just call it a must-travel season. After all – beautiful vistas thanks to fall foliage? Check. Completely comfortable temperatures? Check. Incredible opportunities for unforgettable experiences? As long as you’re in Jackson Hole – check.

In our last post we touched on the breathtaking fall color just waiting to be explored in our area as well as the only in Jackson Hole experiences of elk bugling and the Aerial Tram, but we’ve got a few more fall activities we think you should know about.

Explore the parks without the crowds

Bike ToursYellowstone and Grand Teton are two massively famous national parks, and in summer massively famous also happens to mean massively packed. If you take in these parks in the fall you’ll have much more room to enjoy things like hiking, biking and wildlife tours and safaris you’ll be talking about for months. All with pleasant temperatures and incredible autumn backdrops.

Luxuriate in the hot springs

You know how climbing into a hot tub always feels better when the temperature is crisp? Imagine that intense feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation then multiply it by ten. That’s how you’ll feel in the natural Granite Hot Springs tucked snugly in the Gros Ventre Mountains. This is a favorite spot for Jackson Hole locals, and you’ll definitely see the appeal in the fall when you won’t be elbow to elbow with other tourists.

Drink and dine in style

Food and BeveragesWe take great pride in the local food and beverages we’re able to offer at our own restaurant Figs, and we’re equally proud of the other amazing restaurants in Jackson Hole. Coming to town in the so-called offseason of autumn means many premium restaurants are running great specials. And if you’ve got a pair of lederhosen sitting around, just waiting for the perfect oom-pah-pah opportunity, you need to come to town for Snake River Brewing’s Oktoberfest. It starts October 1st this year!