The snow has arrived! Start planning your winter getaway to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

10.6.2016 Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

There are some people who live for the summer, wearing sandals and shorts for far too long, secretly shivering in their cars with the heat cranked up after the leaves start changing color. And then there are the fall enthusiasts with their thick sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes pinning Jack O’ Lantern designs on Pinterest. With all due respect, we just can’t understand any of them. Why would you try and hang on to any season that isn’t winter? Why wouldn’t you welcome the first significant fresh snow of the year with skis in one hand, a scarf in the other, and joy in your heart?

In beautiful Jackson Hole we are the proud recipients of 17 inches of snow in the last week alone, and we would like to invite you to come join us in our winter wonderland.

Because it’s almost time to ski!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will be opening Thanksgiving weekend, so it’s time to dust off your skis or snowboard. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as taking those first runs down a mountain (and posting the pics and vids on Instagram).

Because it’s time to not ski!

GlidingIf you want to spend the entirety of your waking hours gliding through fresh powder on the slopes and then collapsing on an unbelievably to prepare for the next day of doing exactly the same, we fully support that. But Jackson Hole offers so much more during the winter, so if you do decide to take a break from skiing, go ahead and do some snowmobiling, go for a sleigh ride, go on a wildlife safari in the national parks, or crash down the mountain on a tube. These cold months turn Jackson Hole into an absolute playground, so get out there and enjoy!

We can’t wait to host you and your family and friends at our luxury boutique hotel. You’ll enjoy our rustic mountain rooms with top-flight amenities, localganic gourmet restaurant and recommendations for making the most of your days and nights in Jackson Hole. Come see us soon!