Join Us For the Jackson Hole Fall Color Show

Fall TetonsAs the air turns crisp and apple cider becomes the beverage of choice you may soon be noticing the first swaths of stunning fall foliage. And just like that, the fall color addiction begins. How can you get more of it? Where can you go for the most stunning vistas and unforgettable scenes?

We’ll admit we’re biased, but we say it’s right here. Allow us to present our case for a fall color vacation in the Jackson Hole area.

A Grand color adventure

Located so close to both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, we would normally advise those in love with the great outdoors to absolutely go to both. However in the fall we have to admit we prefer the oil-painting-come-to-life colors of Grand Teton. The willows, aspens and cottonwoods in the Jackson Hole valley and Grand Teton area explode with fiery fall color, and with the mountains looming in the background, every view draws a gasp.

More than just pretty trees

Tetons FallOn a fall color vacation you may not even think you want or need more than just pretty trees – but that’s because you have yet to witness a moose glancing up from a wooded creek surrounded by trees simply radiating with color, or hear Grand Teton’s famous elk bugling across the valley. Nothing is more serene than the wildlife tableaus offered up by the park this time of year. A wildlife tour in the fall is about as close as we get to dictatorially declaring something a must-do!

A view that can’t be topped

The Aerial Tram up Rendezvous Mountain is breathtaking any time of year, but you know, even without ever having been on it you know, that it cannot be beat in autumn. We love knowing our guests are going out for a fall Tram ride and we eagerly await seeing the looks on their faces when they return. All the better if we get to serve up some localganic entrees and handcrafted cocktails in our restaurant Figs while we hear all about their adventures.

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