Great American Eclipse, Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Gearing Up For Great American Eclipse

eclipseTo the average person, the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, may seem as though it’s a long way away. But to astronomy buffs? They’ve been awaiting the first total solar eclipse visible from the United States since the last one in 1979. Not only is six more months not long to wait at all, but it isn’t that much time to plan to see the eclipse from one of the premier viewing spots on the path of totality. Like Jackson Hole.

Getting on the path of totality

The path of totality is the path across the continental US from which the total eclipse will be visible, which is to say the full blocking of the sun by the moon. While the partial eclipse will last for a couple of hours, the total eclipse will be visible for just a couple of glorious minutes from any given spot on the path of totality. Jackson, Wyoming is on the path of totality and that totality will be viewable from our part of the world for two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Where to watch

It’s very exciting to be on the path of totality for the first total eclipse visible from the United States in 38 years, so you can bet our local astronomy enthusiasts have some great advice for getting the best possible vantage point.

Per Wyoming Stargazing, while the path of totality goes right through Grand Teton National Park and Teton Valley, there are plenty of excellent viewing options in the entirety of the Jackson Hole valley. Wyoming Stargazing recommends arriving early to pullouts on Highway 26/191/89, Gros Ventre Loop, Antelope Flats Road and Inner Park Loop as they will likely fill up quickly the morning of the eclipse. There’s also the very appealing option of getting up on one of Jackson Hole’s famed mountain peaks for an amazing view. Consider Jackson Peak, Snow King Mountain, Mount Glory, Static Peak and Sheep Mountain.

Where to stay

In their article on finding the perfect spot for viewing the eclipse, USA Today recommends staying at Hotel Jackson, and who are we to argue? We have gorgeous, comfortable rooms including suites that are the pinnacle of luxury, premier amenities and a gourmet restaurant that features the freshest local ingredients. We will also be providing transportation to several of the best viewing spots in the valley. Be sure to book now online or call us at 1 (307) 733-2200 so you can ensure you have an amazing stay planned for one of the most incredible astronomical events in recent history.