Calling all art lovers: time to plan a trip to Jackson Hole

From wildlife to nightlife, Jackson Hole gets a lot of well-earned attention for being a truly wonderful vacation destination. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents can find something to love here. But we have to say there is one aspect of Jackson Hole that can get overlooked and we want to call attention to it today: this town is an art lover’s dream, and it’s time art lovers knew it.

The annual Jackson Hole art auction

Arts and MuseumEvery year Jackson Hole is host to the renowned Jackson Hole Art Auction, presented by Trailside Galleries, where past and present masterworks of the American West are available for sale. This year’s auction features the best in wildlife art—a fitting pairing as the Valley is also the home of the National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States. This year’s auction will be held September 16 and 17, and interested buyers are free to browse the 2016 catalog.

Galleries galore

Wild LifeWhether you’re looking to add a few more budget-conscious pieces to your collection or you’re really more of a browser than a buyer, Jackson Hole has no shortage of art galleries – 31 to be exact. Whether you’re into sculpture and mixed media, woodworking, fine art, contemporary art, photography or turquoise jewelry, Jackson Hole has an abundance of what you like to admire.  The Diehl Gallery, Altamira Gallery, Heather James Fine Art and Tayloe Piggott Gallery are must-stops for art aficionados.


Being the artist

BisonIt’s hard not to be tempted to get off the sidelines and into the game in a natural paradise like Jackson Hole, and there are a number of photography tours and workshops in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone that will provide you with the opportunity for once in a life time photographs. Jackson Hole also offers a number of adult art classes in everything from mixed media to pottery to life drawing.

When you’re ready to plan the art-centric getaway of your dreams, we’ll be here waiting with our boutique hotel rooms, premier amenities and localganic gourmet restaurants. We can’t wait to hear from you.